My Brother’s Keeper by Daniel L. Welch

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Title: My Brother’s Keeper
Series: The Veronian Archives #2
Author: Daniel L. Welch
Release Date: January 27th, 2017
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Dark times continue to plague the ravaged land of Veronia. Nicolai and Jewel have been captured, a powerful talisman falls into the hands of the enemy, and the might of the Kiman Empire sits on Tamore’s doorstep. In an attempt to protect Tamore from destruction, Leo “The Bloody Rose” stands with his army in one last, death-defying attempt to defend Veronia against the Kiman Empire. Outnumbered and facing off against sorcerers embedded within the Red Army’s ranks, Leo’s stronghold threatens to fall.

Meanwhile Abaddon, the leader of the Kiman Empire, is attempting to conjure up what was thought to be an extinct race of giants to aid in the war while Nicolai and Jewel are forced to watch. By using the might of the giants, Abaddon reveals his plan to flatten Veronia first and rule the world not only as an emperor, but as a living a god. Nicolai discloses to Jewel that the Ring of Solomon has the power to reveal forbidden knowledge to its bearer. Now that it is in enemies’ hands, Abaddon is closer than ever to succeeding in summoning monsters, threatening to destroy Tamore, and the Free Cities of Veronia, forever.